feeling better never tasted so good

rich dark chocolate filled with creamy centers and pure cannabis extract. enhanced with functional mushrooms and targeted herbal extracts to help you feel better

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whole foods, whole health

get your body and mind back in sync with whole plant based remedies that taste incredible

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5mg THC



70% Cacao


5mg THC



70% Cacao


higher standards

(Holistic) Chef Crafted
Nutrient Dense
Clean Cannabis (Lab Tested + Validated)
Climate Positive (covers Solar + Regenerative Farming)
Paleo, Vegan & Cruelty Free

Hi From Ky

Founder & Holistic Chef

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I’m a plant based chef, cookbook author, mother, and daughter of a 25 year cancer crusader. Ten years ago, when I was studying holistic nutrition, I learned about the powerful effect that nutritious food has on the body, as well as the harmful damage caused by pesticides, refined sugar, highly processed foods and artificial ingredients. When I look at what most edibles are made of, I see the same junk that is the underlying cause of inflammation and health issues we are facing today! So I set out to create edibles that didn’t have a trade off between nutritious ingredients and culinary taste to help you thrive on their wellness journey.

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edibles but better

nude* food

byky edibles are made with whole, raw ingredents, no junk. we take the finest cannabis, add in some organic chocolate, adaptogens, and mushrooms. they are vegan, paleo, keto, dairy-free and so tasty. It’s just the good stuff.

*nutrient dense

Frequently asked questions

Can you ship?

Unfortunately, no. byky edibles can only be purchased in legal Massachusetts dispensaries. Must be 21+.

What's the difference between smoking cannabis and consuming an edible?

You absorb cannabinoids differently depending on how they are ingested. When smoked, cannabinoids are delivered directly to receptors in your brain, so the effects kick in (and wear off) faster. Edibles tend to take longer to take effect, and last for longer.

will I get high?

All byky products contain the cannabinoid THC, which is psychoactive and can cause that euphoric "high" feeling. If you'd like to minimize this feeling, you can reduce your dose. Each bon bon = 5mg. Start with 1-2.5 mg.

What is the best dose for me?

Everyone is different in how they process edibles. We suggest to start low, and go slow to develop your ideal relationship with consuming edibles. Each brand, extract, and recipe may impact the absorption, as well as your metabolism. To feel very little effect, or a "micro dose" try starting with 1mg which may have little to no effect. For a mild euphoric to low dose, 2.5-5mg. Everyone is different, we suggest starting low, and getting comfortable with a dose.

Holistic Nutritionist & Chef Crafted

Say Hi To Ky

We believe that plants have the power to heal and sustain life, within our bodies and our environment. That’s why our line of artisanal edibles combines only the world’s finest, nutrient-rich, plant-based superfoods with pure CO2 extracted cannabis to elevate body, mind, soul and planet.

Bioactive and Bioavailable
100% Clean Ingredients
Climate Positive

We believe that what you eat effects how you feel - so why not make it decadent and full of nutrients? That’s way craft creamy centers filled with rich nut butters or caramely sweetness, with superfoods, adaptogens and pure cannabis oil, and cover it in 70% decadent dark chocolate.

We pride ourselves in creating some of the highest quality edibles on the market because we We believe how an ingredient is grown, processed and handled makes all the difference in taste, bioactivity and bioavailability in our bodies, and the sustainability of our plant. With a foundation of holistic nutrition, this women led brand believes in the power of sustainability. We use ingredients sourced first hand from ethical farms in North, Central and South America, India, Philippines, India, and Thailand with cannabis grown in Massachusetts. We specialize in decadent but nutrient dense chocolate with high potency chocolate with certified organic, wildcrafted, and non-toxic ingredients.