salted cashew caramel

This combination of superfood raw cacao, creamy cashew butter, Madagascar vanilla bean and sweet coconut nectar create a dreamy caramel this is our fan favorite. For an even keel experience, we've added ashwagandha to promote feelings of bliss, the king of mushrooms - chaga to protect the immune system, and gotu kola to protect against oxidative stress.
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great for

  • happy hour
  • boosting immunity and reducing inflammation
  • replacing a cocktail
  • chilling out for a few
  • sunday funday

designed to rejuvenate

We combined raw cacao with cannabis, chaga mushroom, and gotu kola cannabis to create a perfect blend that will lift you up outta that funk. When you know better, you can eat better, and when you eat better, you feel better, and when you feel better, it's easier to be your best self.