this aren’t your

or maybe they are... maybe your mom is cool af.

food not pills

Our edibles are a whole little morsel of delight, packed with good-for-you goodness. It’s not candy. It’s practically a salad.

no junk

No artificial ingredients, no refined sugar, no pesticides, no gluten, no harsh extraction methods, no animal products of any kind. It’s just plants! Wow. It’s practically a sala... wait.


Each byky edible is designed (yeah) with ingredients that work together to nourish you, not just get ya glonky.

From our carefully-sourced ingredients to our sustainable farming practices, we’ve consciously considered each step of our process to revitalize mind and body, while protecting our planet. Our euphoric blend of CO2 extracted cannabis + adaptogens + 100% raw cacao was created to nourish mental wellbeing, reduce stress, elevate physical performance, and enhance cognitive clarity through new-generation wellness inspired by ancient tradition.

created to help you thrive

a message from Ky, holistic health coach + chef

I am a believer that food can heal. When you eat better, you feel better. It's that simple. That's why we use nutrient dense, superfood ingredients, with vibrant flavors and rich textures and infuse them with cannabis to create edibles you will obsess over.